3 Accessible “MUST SEE” Spots in Bucharest, Romania

Of course, you could say that we’re in a biased position when we say this, but we genuinely believe that Bucharest should be on the bucket list of every traveler, and that includes travelers with disabilities too! Our city is sometimes affectionately referred to as “Little Paris” or “the Paris of the East”, and when spending any amount of time here it’s easy to see why. Our architecture, whilst beautiful and unique in its own right, has been heavily influenced by French styles of centuries. The large boulevards found in Bucharest are just some of the landmarks and structures that remind locals and visitors alike of that Parisian charm.

But what about accessibility in Bucharest? Well, as our name suggests, we care deeply about finding accessible places to visit in Romania – and we are proud to have pulled together some of the country’s best sites that are accessible to a wide range of people with varying types of mobility needs and/or cognitive abilities. To that end, we’ve decided to put together a short hit list of three accessible things to see and do while you’re in our wonderful capital city.

We have plenty more than just the following three suggestions, but it’s a starting point and we hope it will only whet your appetite and leave you wanting more!

Dimitrie Gusti National Village Museum

Step back in time and find out what life in and around Bucharest used to be like in centuries gone by. This fantastic open-air museum features many traditional houses and buildings, as well as farming equipment, windmills, and more. The majority of the museum is wheelchair accessible, including the welcome center which houses more information about the project, however, all of the old buildings throughout the open-air museum are not accessible to enter, with high thresholds, narrow doors, and steps. They can be viewed from the outside, which is what most visitors do. The terrain of the open-air museum is perfect for wheelchairs, strollers, and other mobility devices.

Palace of the Parliament

Constructed in the late 80s under the rule of the then-communist leader Nicolae Ceaușescu the Palace of the Parliament remains one of the most impressive buildings in Europe. The building itself is monumental in size and is one of the largest by square foot areas in the entire world. In fact, it is the third-largest administrative building on the planet! Inside, the Palace of the Parliament boasts incredible rooms and conference spaces, with beautiful tall ceilings, mesmerizing chandeliers, and one ginormous carpet inside one of the palace’s vast ballrooms. The Palace, whilst still fairly modern by European standards, is steeped in history, with Ceaușescu himself never actually getting to enjoy its formal completion due to a political coup (more on that another time).

Almost all of the Palace of the Parliament is wheelchair accessible, and tours also include audio description options. Accessing the Palace of the Parliament can be achieved via an alternative route to the majority of guests, but it is possible to see this impressive structure from both the inside and outside!

Parcul Cismigiu

We get a lot of truly great weather in Romania, particularly in the summer months, and so it’s no wonder that two of our three suggestions involve outdoor spaces. Parcul Cismigiu is a wonderful area of green space in the heart of the city, and with accessible pathways and easy inclines, it’s a great spot to catch a little fresh air and unwind from the hustle and bustle of city streets. Call it a pallet cleanser, if you will. It can also be enjoyed when journeying between other touristic destinations – with a stroll through the park always being a welcome idea! Not to mention, it’s also a very beautiful park!

So there you have it… three quick-fire accessible travel suggestions for Bucharest, Romania. Does any of them take your fancy? Maybe you’ve already been to Romania once before and have some additional spots to add? Let us know in the comments below and, as always, if you would like to find out more about the tours we offer in Romania, please do not hesitate to contact us. We also have more information on our tabifolk profile, as well as on our website! 

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  1. Bucharest truly sounds like a hidden gem waiting to be explored, and it’s heartening to hear about the city’s efforts towards accessibility. The Dimitrie Gusti National Village Museum seems like a fascinating glimpse into the past, with its open-air display offering a unique perspective on traditional life. The Palace of the Parliament, with its sheer grandeur and historical significance, is undoubtedly a must-visit, especially given its wheelchair accessibility and audio description options for tours. And Parcul Cismigiu provides a tranquil retreat amidst the urban hustle, offering visitors a chance to relax and recharge in the midst of natural beauty.

    It’s encouraging to see destinations like Bucharest embracing accessibility and inclusivity, ensuring that travelers of all abilities can fully experience the rich cultural heritage and scenic beauty that the city has to offer. These three suggestions are just the beginning of what Bucharest has in store, and I’m sure there are many more accessible wonders waiting to be discovered. Thank you for sharing these insights and inspiring us to explore Bucharest with accessibility in mind!

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