Episode 5: Trouble in Madrid (Trouble with Me Podcast)

Today we interview a very special guest: @kike_mep, accessibility expert and disabled traveler. We’ll also do a tour of Madrid, hear a new horror story with some medical issues not for the faint-hearted and get some more accessibility tips and sounds of the world.

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Episode summary

  • Intro – 0:00
  • What’s on the Menu? – 0:50
  • City of the Day (Madrid) – 1:45
  • Special Guest Interview (Kike) – 7:20
  • Accessibility Horror Story (Kansai) – 17:36
  • Tip of the Day – 23:59
    • Always carry relevant health information, such as medical reports, preferably in the country’s language or in English, in your travels.
    • Know someone that can speak the country’s language, just in case you need to speak to health professionals.
  • Sounds of the World – 25:45

Where to listen

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Below, you can find “Episode 5. Trouble in Madrid” on YouTube (English and Spanish subtitles available; other languages also available through YouTube’s automatic translation) and also as a stream on Anchor.

Episode on YouTube

Episode on Anchor

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