Episode 7: Trouble in San Francisco (Trouble with Me Podcast)

On this episode, we visit 3 different continents, plus we have a new special guest interview (@DwarfFamily). We’ll enjoy great sounds from San Francisco in our city accessibility review and visit Egypt’s most famous market, Khan El Khalili, for our horror story.

Episode transcription and full reports to download

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Episode summary

  • Intro – 0:00
  • What’s on the Menu? – 0:50
  • City of the Day (San Francisco) – 1:34
  • Special Guest Interview (Joe) – 8:09
  • Accessibility Horror Story (Cairo) – 18:13
  • Tip of the Day – 25:18
    • When booking a trip through a travel agency, it’s important that they know and understand your preferences and accessibility needs and adapt the trip accordingly.
  • Sounds of the World – 27:35

Where to listen

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Below, you can find “Episode 7. Trouble in San Francisco” on YouTube (English and Spanish subtitles available; other languages also available through YouTube’s automatic translation) and also as a stream on Spotify Podcasters.

Episode on YouTube

Episode on Spotify Podcasters

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