Escaping from super hot Tokyo…

As same as North America, Europe, it has been super hot and humid here in Tokyo this summer.  Today, the first Sunday of August, Tokyo Station is crowded with parties of family, friends and visitors from overseas.

Wilgo took a lady on our wheelchair from her stay in Setagaya ward to Tokyo station Hokuriku Shinkansen platform.  She took her reserved seat along with her family waited for her, and left for Karuizawa, where is very popular summer retreat town, with tons of smile!

It’s really convenient for wheelchairs to use Yaesu entrances where the underground parking directly connected to the station building.  Spacious parking spaces are ready for wheelchairs.

The elevators taking you to the station level are next to the vehicles.   Even on rainy day, you wouldn’t get wet.

Once you get through the entrance gate, wheelchairs move smoothly on slops and elevators to platforms

 Of course, Marunouchi side is also accessible facility, but not directly connected to the parking.  

Upside of Marunouchi side is that the accessible waiting room is ready for you.  It’s free of charge

Wilgo is more than happy to assist and support your stay in Tokyo.

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