Tokyo Disneyland

Today, as the request from bride’s mother. Wilgo took a grandma who is on a wheelchair to a grand daughter’s wedding party held at Tokyo Disneyland from downtown Tokyo.

As you may know, it’s completely barrier-free venue for all, and no hassle to move from parking to any facilities in the land.

Wilgo, a vehicle with a wheelchair lift, is easy and comfortable way to visit Tokyo Disneyland, either from downtown Tokyo or Haneda airport along with up to 3 accompanying passengers on top of one wheelchair passenger.  A rental wheelchair is available, if requested.

Wilgo supports your visit, not only to Tokyo Disneyland but to other places in Tokyo.  Please take a look how Wilgo can serve you, at

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    1. Hi,

      Due to the size of lift platform and height of rear gate of the viechle, your powered wheelchair including any outshoots has to be fit into the cubic like;

      Length: 42 inches (1,075 mm)
      Width: 30 inches (765 mm)
      Height: 46 inches (1,180 mm)

      Also, you have to bow during getting onboard, if you are a tall guy, to avoid your head hits a gate. It’s like small Japanese house not high enough for tall guys.


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