Tokyo Tour

A family along with a gramma on a wheelchair flew into Haneda Airport, and then stayed two nights in Tokyo.   Wilgo picked them up at dedicated space at the terminal, and started the three days tour.

In the afternoon of Day One. the family visited The Imperial Palace.  The parking lot nearest to Nijubashi Bridge does not allow any cars parked except sightseeing buses and taxi.  However, the vehicle with wheelchair lift, like Wilgo, can get the parking permission in advance at the park management office.  It’s very convenient and close to the palace from any other parking facilities around the palace.

Leaving the palace, they visited Yasukuni Shrine, Sengakuji.  Both are wheelchair friendly places and easy access.

Day Two and Three, they visited the State Guest House Akasaka Place, where you can get into the palace to see various rooms and interior accessories.  Please check tour available date at the site.  In the case of state visitor gets in, the tour should be cancelled. 

Sensoji is the another place to go.  Although it’s very crowded all day long, you can enjoy culture, food and history of Edo!

Wilgo drives and takes wheelchair passenger to these attractive places and venues from the hotel you stay and/or the airport you fly into.  Please check service details at Wilgo site

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