Reply To: Wheelchair Accessibility of The State Hermitage Museum in Russia

  • elenarst

    June 1, 2019 at 6:54 pm

    Hi! My name is Elena and we are a local tour operator in St Petersburg. A couple of days ago we hat an accessible tour to the Hermitage Museum. As it was privte the skip-the-line system went well so I just wanted to give some notes on the Hermitage admission so later on others would know them before they go.

    In the museum there are two (four really but the other two are not wheel chair accessible) main entrances – from the court yard and from the river. Those who venture the court yard admission take the left wing entrance, it is equipped with a propper ramp. The manager in the museum will help you get in. The wardrobe does not have a ramp which means you need to take off the coat and give it to your tour leader so they’ll take care of it. In the museum there are a lot of people it’s better to stick to the same manager and ask to let you through the ticket control separately.

    For travelers from the embankment (the one with skip-the-line) the ticket control is different but there are people to help you as well.

    The museum has elevators inside so you will be able to see as much as others.

    We are currently trying to adjust more museums to the accessible tours and if you have any recommendaions on logistics we’d greatly appreciate that. How much time does it take to get in and off the van? Do you need an extra person to carry the whell cheir. The tour is here

    We hope to adjust it as much as possible to make the tour stress free. 32

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