Episode 8: Trouble in Brussels

We travel to Brussels, the capital of Europe, where, despite the beauty of its Old Town living up to its title, its overall accessibility doesn’t. We also discover The High Line Park, one of New York’s hidden gems and we get the dreaded air travel horror story.

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Episode summary

  • Intro – 0:00
  • What’s on the Menu? – 0:50
  • City of the Day (Brussels) – 1:29
  • Today’s attraction (The High Line Park) – 8:59
  • Accessibility Horror Story (Tenerife) – 11:19
  • Tip of the Day – 20:08
    • Always carry an emergency kit of tools (cable ties, duct tape, velcro strips, screwdriver heads & wrenches that fit your device) for small repairs to your wheelchair or mobility device when traveling.
    • If your device gets damaged during air travel, always file the complain at the airport (usually at the booth of your airline).
  • Sounds of the World – 23:58

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  1. Another awesome episode! I really want to try out that park in New York!
    I often look up wheelchair repair at my destination, but also really like the idea of taking a small tool pouch as well!

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