Is Russia safe for tourists?

  • Is Russia safe for tourists?

    Posted by stpetersburg-guide-anna on November 25, 2019 at 2:37 am

    The safety question is definitely one of the most popular ones when it comes to travelling to Russia. People from all over the world do not feel so secure about coming to this beautiful country, particularly to its capital Moscow and St Petersburg. Millions of tourists visit two cities every year, and they safely return back home. Therefore, this is definitely a number one indicator that coming to Russia is safe.

    Of course, political situation in the world might not seem so stable and likable. However, you should not trust everything said in news. It was always so, it will stay the same. I will not go into this field of discussion, just want to share with you something about Russia and St Petersburg, in particular.

    Russian people in their majority are very open-minded and ready to help. The case with FIFA 2018 proved it to the fullest. Browsing the internet, you will find a lot of positive reviews – not all about the organization of the event, but mostly true stories that football fans had when simply walking down the streets of different Russian cities. Russians were eager to assist in this or that matter, even when not knowing the language. They could find someone who speaks the language, use Google translator or just use gesture. Communication was and is easy to organize. Conclusion, you will not stay misunderstood.

    The streets of Russian cities are quite. Of course, some incidents can take place, but the situation is not worse than in some European countries. Sometimes it is even better. If something occurs, you can address a police officer. They usually oversees the streets of large cities, and are easy to find. There are also special phone like devices in some public places that alert the police.

    If you are planning to have a tour to Saint Petersburg, I suggest checking this website prepared by a professional tour guide. There are many useful articles about accommodation, restaurants, transport. There are even some safety rules that you’d like to check in advance. Wish you an awesome trip to Russia, full of wonderful positive emotions and memories!

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